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Our company Details Vallarta begun when we realized there was a need of a company that not only rented equipment for holding events, but that fully got involved with the planning, production and coordination of each event. 

This is how we were born, our primary goal is being involved to complete and personalize attention to all those who are planning something, either on a hotel, Villa or Garden. And in turn, be aware of the needs that are required before, during and after the event.

Thanks to our highly experienced and certified professionals in the area of planning,  we are able to provide a different experience in services which fits almost any client’s budget or requirement. Moreover, apart from being part of the coordination of weddings and social events, we also do corporate events, which are important for any company that wants to position itself in the market and keep their workers happy.

Our Team


Founded Details Vallarta in 2010, he was Director on PSAV, a company dedicated to the production of events at international level. With over 10 years of experience, he has a high sense of responsibility, customer service and likes to be above all the details.


Co-founder of Details Vallarta and over 11 years of experience in the Hotel and Wedding planning industry, where she has collaborated in the creation of special wedding collections for hotels. She is creative and with a strong knowledge in the weddings segment, but above all, she is very detail oriented.


He has had the opportunity to work in large companies producing events and theme nights. He has been part of Details Vallarta for over 3 years and thanks to his experience in the production of stage design and planning, he is responsible of bringing to life all the ideas and event’s operations.


He is the key person in the maintenance of our winery and equipment. Also, he is the assistant during assemblies.

He is part of the team from the beginning and is a cornerstone for the successful completion of the event.


We are proud to be certified as Wedding Planner professionals by Beverly Clark and by the destination of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.